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Family and Children Law

At Waterstone Solicitors we recognise that family matters can be very complicated, confusing and stressful especially when young children are involved therefore you can expect our lawyers to approach this matter of law with the upmost empathy, always ensuring that our clients’ best interests are prioritised.

Family issues are rarely simple and do tend to require some form or external assistance to help come to an arrangement. Child related disputes often lead to complex legal issues, if this is the case you will need an advisory with in-depth knowledge of Family Law. Our legal professionals can help dealing with the matter sensitively. Our team of lawyers combine relevant experience and expertise in the law with a commitment to reduce the stress caused to you and your family.

We will tell you where you stand legally and what you should do next. You can be assured that everything you say to us will be in total confidence and will be handled in a sensitive manor.

Divorce Domestic abuse / Domestic Violence Family Mediation Finances Adoption:

  • International Adoption
  • Placement Orders
  • Special Guardianship

Public Child Care (Social Services):

  • Accommodation for children
  • Child Protection Conferences
  • Children in Need
  • Kinship
  • Pre-proceedings Meetings
  • Your local authority duties
  • Powers of the court
  • Care Order
  • No Order
  • Police Protection Order
  • Supervision Order

Private Child (Child Custody Issues)

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