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Welfare Benefits

Within this area we have successfully assisted large numbers of clients to challenge incorrect decisions. At Waterstone Solicitors we act as well as provide advice for the appellant in all areas of Welfare Benefit Law.

The welfare benefits system can often feel complex and confusing but at Waterstone Solicitors our specialist benefits solicitors understand the processes involved and receive the money they are entitled to. We can answer all your questions and resolve any problems you may be facing in regards to claiming benefits. If you’re not sure what you are entitled to or think you are being paid incorrectly we can help. Perhaps your benefits have been stopped wrongfully or maybe your application for benefits has been turned down. Whatever situation you are facing our experienced solicitors are here to help.

When mistakes are made with your benefit payments it can make things difficult financially. That’s why our knowledgeable solicitors work quickly and efficiently to help you resolve issues and get you back on track. We can help with appeals against benefit decisions and provide support throughout the appeals process or tribunal hearings.

We also offer advice to people who have been accused of benefit fraud.

At Waterstone Solicitors, we can help you with the following Welfare Benefit matters:

  • Benefits entitlement
  • Includes Child Trust Funds, childcare and the Sure Start Maternity Grant
  • Carers and disability benefits
  • Includes Disability Living Allowance, Carer’s Allowance and Employment and Support Allowance
  • Child Benefit
  • Death and benefits Includes Widowed Parent’s Allowance, Bereavement Payment, Funeral Payment
  • Heating and housing benefits Includes Winter Fuel Payment and Cold Weather Payment
  • Jobseeker’s Allowance and low income benefits Includes Income Support, Budgeting Loans and Pension Credit
  • Tax credits Includes Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit and when tax credits stop


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